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EOI in Form G was issued on 15th April, 2022 inviting EOI. The last date for submission of EOI is 9th May, 2022.
NCLT Order approving Res Plan 02112023

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claim list FINAL.
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MPL Summary of Creditors
List of Claims as on 28 January 2023
List of Creditors as on 9 February 2023
List of Creditors as on 19.11.2022

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COC constitution as on 01.04.2022
Annexure A _ COC Members

NCLT Orders

Order-In the matter of Mercator Petroleum Ltd. IA No. 1628 & 1746 of 2019 in CP No. 3434 of 2019
Order-In the matter of UTI Structured Debt Opportunities Fund - I Vs. Pinkush Jaiswal, IRP of Mercator Petroleum CA (AT) (Ins) No. 89 of 2021
Order dated 31.08.2020
Order dated 07.01.2021
Order Dated-12.08.2021
Order Dated 08.09.2021
Order Dated 25.10.2021
Order Dated 08.11.2021
Order Dated 10.11.2021
nclt delhi 25.8.2021
Nclt delhi 16.11.2021
nclt delhi 2.12.2021
nclt delhi 16.3.2022
NCLT Order approving Res Plan 02112023
NCLT Order dated 11.08.2022 regarding replacement of RP
NCLT Order dated 02.12.2022 in respect of extension of CIRP Period

EOI in Form G
EOI was issued on 15 Apr 2022

Financial Express
Form G dated 15.04.2022
Free Press Journal
Detailed EOI
List of Prospective Resolution Applicants
Please note that COC at is meeting held on 13.02.2023 has voted Indian Oil Corporation Ltd as Successful Resolution Applicant by 100% voting share.


Order dated 08.02.2021


Supreme Court 12.11.2021
Supreme Court 3.1.2022